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 Fondok El Ghalla in Tunisian translates, literally, to Fruit Hotel. This colorful dish features seasonal vegetables stuffed with an exquisite beef mixture and smothered in a simple tomato sauce seasoned to perfection.

FUN FACT: The central market in Tunis (the capital of Tunisia) was once known by the name Fondok El Ghalla for all the seasonal bounties it offers.


Serves 4 people
Prep time: 25 min
Cook time: 60 min



    –  Potatoes: 2 medium 

    –  Tomatoes: 2 medium (we used Romas, but it’s Tomato season so pick and choose what your heart desires)

    –  Peppers: 2 medium to large (we used anaheim, bell peppers also work well for a mild flavor)

    –  Eggplant: 1 medium

    –  Onion: 1 medium yellow or white

    –  Sea salt: 2 teaspoons

    –  Water: 100ml

    –  Zonzon Tomato Sauce: 16oz (original or spicy)

    –  Bread: baguette (or your favorite bread)


    –  Ground beef: 1 lb (you can substitute with ground turkey) 

    –  Parsley: ½ bunch 

    –  Shallot: 1

    –  Eggs: 2

    –  Sea salt: 1 teaspoon

    –  Black pepper: 1 teaspoon

    –  Coriander: 1 teaspoon

    –  Turmeric: 1 teaspoon

    –  Parmesan cheese: 150g shredded (keep about 25 grams on the side for garnish) 

    –  Extra Virgin Olive oil: a small drizzle 


    1.  Pre-heat oven to 400F and start by cleaning your vegetables 

    2. Cut vegetables in halves (except peppers) and carve out seeds to make room for filling

    3.  Prepare your stuffing mix:

         –  Chop parsley and shallots 

         –  Whisk eggs in a small bowl

         –  In a mixing bowl, combine the above ingredients with parmesan cheese, spices, ground beef and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil 

    4. Fill the carved-out portion of the vegetables with the stuffing mixture 

    5. Pour Zonzon tomato sauce in the same mixing bowl as the stuffing mixture then add water, salt and stir gently (you can opt for a new mixing bowl, but we want to capture all the flavors)

    6.  Place veggies in a baking dish (Tajine style), pour sauce over veggies and top with remaining parmesan

    7.  Cover with foil (or dish cover, if available) and place in oven 

    8.  After 30 min, baste vegetables and bake for another 10 min

    9.  Remove cover for the remaining 20 min

   10.  Dish out and serve with bread   


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