It's 2023!

We are very excited to ring in another year doing what we love and   sharing it with you!

As we look back on 2022, a year full of challenges, excitement, and most importantly delicious moments, we are grateful for every single day that got us to where we are today.

Milestones achieved, both for Zonzon Organic and personally, amazing relationships saw light, and others dimmed, new projects and products were launched, and of course, as nature dictates it, some regretful moments were lived. Today, we are here to wish you a healthy and happy year, share with you some of last year's memorable moments, and our excitement for this new ride around the sun.


We are thrilled we packaged more of our favorite flavors!! We COOKED over 800 gallons of Shakshuka, made over 500 lbs of Harissa, and produced hundreds of jars of our curated preserves and spreads - all that in our small shared production space, and with our amazing tiny team that keeps growing!!
We launched our sandwich pop-up bringing a taste of Tunisia’s street food to LA, and hosted our first dinner series in Downtown LA!! One of the highlights of our year to share in an evening of food, something Mohamed and I really enjoy and deeply appreciate. We were very humbled by the overwhelming responses we have received from people trying our creations "outside a jar"



Not all of 2022 was filled with exciting achievements and rosie moments as I mentioned before; halfway through the year, we were forced to end a project that never saw light: we had plans to launch a brick and mortar in DTLA where we can host you for dreamy dinner events, and serve you Tunisian street food on the go - We spent lots of time and money for more than 18 months on the project, however, our plans did not bear fruit... Lack of experience and resources resulted in us taking over an abandoned space that would take years and enormous amounts of cash to have it properly and legally set up.

The year ended on a high emotional note for me and Mohamed, as most of you probably know about my traffic accident that left me homebound with restricted movement. We always aspire to remain positive in life as individuals, and try to find the silver lining in events that seem devastating; we learn, appreciate where we are at, and keep moving forward.

We will keep showing up, make delicious food, and tell you about all things Tunisian We are thankful for you, for every opportunity, and for all the support we receive from our Zonzon Community. We look forward to the road ahead and sharing 2023 with you all!!
Xo Tara B. 
Zonzon Organic 

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