As spring began to transition to summer, Mohamed and I traveled up the coast to Kandarian Organic Farms for the transplanting of our pepper seedlings. The day began as the farmers discussed the tasks and planned out the desired distance between each pepper plant... then the planting began. Each sprout was placed by hand along the plowed terrain. Farmers' on the field discussing plans for plantingFarmer digit into earth creating a small space to place the pepper sproutWide shot of everyone working on the field planting the peppersClose up of the planted peppers in the fieldHalf filled seeding tray laying next to freshly transplanted pepper sproutsBy lunch time, all the rows were filled with tiny pepper leaves. We took a break and shared Shakshuka, a fresh loaf of bread, and cheese made from the farm.Shakshuka cooking on a stove in a cast iron panEmpty sprouting trays on the field of freshly translated pepper plantsAfter lunch all that was left was to set up the irrigation, and let the water welcome the pepper sprouts to their new home.Sprinkler laying on the field before it it assembled to the irrigation systemThe irrigation is up and running spraying the field for the first timeNow we patiently wait as Mother Nature steps in to nourish them as we watch them grow. Tara and Mohamed posing on the farm after a successful day of transplantingPhotos taken by Tara Belouafa,  35mm film

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