We are a small-batch maker of North African pantry staples expressing delicious flavors through simple ingredients. Our products are an important part of our personal story. We are partners in business and in life: Food was the essence of our connection

Zonzon, a nickname we call his mom, and the recipes we developed are inspired by her cooking. We created a line of sauces and spreads that honor the flavors of Tunisia and showcase local ingredients. Connecting California agriculture with Tunisian heritage.

We believe the foundation of quality starts with good ingredients so we partner with local farmers; to source and grow rare ingredients. Harissa is at the center of our cooking, adding layers of deep flavors and hints of roasted notes.

We hope these flavors inspire you to bring them into everyday cooking and eating. Savor a piece of our kitchen. Whether you try one of our products or join us at one of our pop-ups we invite you on our journey and share in the experience.


Mohamed & Tara Belouafa Founders