Founders standing side by side

Plunging her fork into her pasta that night she fell in love not only with him but his narrative, conversation drawn from his love for Tunis and its magical history... that plunge in that sauce mixed with pasta became much more than a bite to eat, it was a moment that time stood still. Plates were filled over and over, conversation flew between each round. There was no commitment or deadline, no rushing through... she realized she is in the company of someone that celebrates the important connection between food, friends, family

and his ancient country, Tunisia, where all of this has come through and she knew nothing about... sometimes one will never know the value of the moment until it becomes a memory, she knew this is not going to be one of those moments, she will hold on tight and forever savor the taste of that tomato sauce over her simple meal of pasta and her company of a man from a beautiful place on earth that she knew nothing about...

Tara and Mohamed seated around a table filled with papers and ingredients and they are discussing a particular paper

She knew he is the gatekeeper of a vast knowledge she will be gaining... she knew she will travel to a faraway ancient place named Tunis where the spices of his recipes were from, and where it had much more to offer than the sauce on her pasta... she knew she will be telling this story over and over again... she knew food and this sauce will become their family stage over which dynamics are formed, relationships and knowledge exchanged and cemented and love is confirmed.

And so it began a soulful and storied lifestyle, over a simple spoon of Zonzon and pasta and a man that loves his Tunis. Best of all this isn't a fairytale or movie script as most things are in Lalaland…