This ancient city sets at the highest point of Africa, surrounded by the Mediterranean sea to the north and the great Sahara desert in the south... a place rich with culture and compelling cuisine. Over the centuries many culinary techniques from the Berber, Phoenician, Roman, Arab, Turkish, Italian, and French influenced these flavors she had never explored...
The dishes appear simple but the layers of flavors prove complex. Paying close attention to the details, the details that have been committed to memory by those who live here, each ingredient purposeful... establishing a role in every dish.
Tebel: a regional blend of coriander along with Curcuma, Caraway and the heart and soul of Tunisia, Harissa... this spicy red pepper paste is indigenous to it's hometown of North Africa where his recipes were born long before he was.
Centuries of tradition and culture intrigued her. Blending both cultures of the middle and western hemisphere combined with an age-old technique developed to naturally prevent food from spoiling and a recipe of Harissa spiced tomato sauce; the artisanal cannery was formed.
Emphasizing the appearance of simplicity and exotic spices from his ancient home.