“I have had a deep and abiding passion for North African cuisine my entire life, and have even had a few failed efforts to cross the straits of Gibraltar for a proper immersion in its cultures and cuisines. Zonzon Organic is the genuine article.  They are a great purveyor for stocking your Tunisian pantry, and opening up that gateway to the rich and colorful heritage and lore. Their tomato sauces are exceptional, as is their Shakshuka.

The passion they bring to their small batch runs is palpable, and comes out in your dishes flavors. Open a jar and let the alchemy begin to work its magic.” –  Richard Schave


“I lived in Tunisia many years ago. So when I came across Tara, Mohamed and their delicious, well seasoned, spiced just right sauces I was thrilled.  And the shakshuka with eggs is the go-to meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.” – Elaine Lockhart


“I’m Sicilian on my mom’s side of the family and have many delicious tomato sauce recipes handed down from my grandfather that I use regularly. Since I started working at farmers’ markets, I stopped buying canned tomatoes or tomato sauce all together and making big batches of tomato sauce to freeze during the winter has become a big part of my routine. When Zon Zon came to the Hollywood Farmers’ Market, I bought a jar to support this new vendor. And then I found myself returning to their booth to buy more sauce. And even though I’m still deeply committed to making my own sauce and carrying on my family recipes, I’m also really grateful to have a super delicious and convenient tomato sauce that is distinct unto itself. I can’t replicate the sauce in my own kitchen and I don’t want to try. I love Zon Zon’s sauce on roasted spaghetti sauce topped with the merguez sausage and lots of and lots of parmesan cheese and fresh parsley or basil. And even though I’m not using my family’s recipe, there’s no doubt that there is overlap and Tunisian and Sicilian cuisines, so it’s like one big extended happy family on a plate.” – Elizabeth Bowman