Where do you source your ingredients?

We believe the foundation of quality starts with good ingredients so we partner with local farmers; to source and grow rare ingredients. 

Where are the products made?

We produce everything in small batches. All ingredients hand-sourced and every jar is made mindfully in our Los Angeles facility. 

Is the merguez halal?

Yes, it is! 

Where can I eat Zonzon?

Join us IRL at a pop-up in Los Angles. Follow us @zonzonorganic for announcements.

Where can I shop IRL?

Find curated Zonzon products at these stores

What is Harissa?

At the heart of Tunisian cuisine is Harissa. A UNESCO declared intangible world heritage. This spicy red pepper paste is indigenous to its hometown of North Africa. Harissa is a pepper paste or thick puree seasoned with salt and a touch of extra virgin olive oil– it represents the flavor of the cuisine.  

How do I eat harissa?

With a spoon, on you eggs, dip with pizza, spice the soup, marinade with garlic for steak.

What kind of food is this?

Tunisian, like many countries in the Mediterranean basin, the cuisine is heavily based on olive oil, spices and tomatoes but most importantly Tunisia’s signature spice, Harissa, creates its distinct flavor. Characterized by mild sweet notes followed by a tinge of heat.  

Where is Tunisia?

Located at the Northernmost point in Africa surrounded by the Mediterranean sea to the north and the Saharan Desert to the south nestled between Algeria and Libya. Its cities stand at the heart of the Mediterranean. 

What is a cannery?

The art of canning or jarring is an ancient method to preserve the shelf-life of food: using age-old techniques to kill and eliminate bacteria to prevent food from spoiling. At Zonzon Organic we process our batches under the California Cannery program. Applying simple techniques to our food process to naturally preserve our products and it maintains a distinct freshness in each jar. 

Do you ship internationally?

Not currently! Products are available in the US only

Do you refund?

We work hard so this won't happen. But if you experience an issue please make sure to get in touch via email: hello@zonzonorganic.com. Please provide any information to assist with your inquiry and we will replay within 48 hr.